About the study

The Diabetes MILES (Management and Impact for Long-term Empowerment and Success)Study comprises large-scale national surveys of people living with (and their loved ones) examining the psychological, behavioural, and social aspects of living with diabetes.

The Team

Diabetes MILES is an international collaborative established by Professor Jane Speight, Foundation Director of The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes (ACBRD) and Professor Frans Pouwer, Professor of Medical Psychology at the University of Southern Denmark. Coordination of the international collaborative is based at the ACBRD, led by Dr Elizabeth Holmes-Truscott.

Internationally, many researchers have contributed to the development, coordination, and publication of findings from the Diabetes MILES Studies.

Thank you to more than 10,000 people with diabetes (and family) who have completed Diabetes MILES surveys.


The aims of the Diabetes MILES Study are to:

  • provide an opportunity for people with diabetes (and their loved ones) to share their experience of living with diabetes
  • provide a national ‘snapshot’ of the quality of life, psychosocial well-being and self-care behaviours, and unmet needs of people with diabetes (and their loved ones)
  • disseminate key findings to inform policy and health service provision, with the ultimate aim of improving and optimising support and care for people affected by diabetes.

Completed Studies

Diabetes MILES Studies have been conducted in Australia and the Netherlands, and are underway elsewhere (Flanders, Turkey). To learn more about each Diabetes MILES initiative click on the links below:

Diabetes MILES – Australia (2011)

Second Diabetes MILES – Australia (2015)

Diabetes MILES – The Netherlands (2011)

Diabetes MILES – Australia Youth (2014)


The Australian results have been published in free downloadable reports, more than 30 conference presentations and 40 peer-reviewed journal publications. Click here to browse the list of academic publications.