The Diabetes MILES Study is an international collaborative.  We welcome researchers and health professionals nationally and internationally to make contact with us to discuss opportunities for collaboration. Collaboration opportunities are listed below.

Access to Diabetes MILES datasets

Do you have an important research question? We have published many papers from the MILES datasets but there are many more questions that can be investigated.

We invite expressions of interest from researchers interested in accessing the de-identified Diabetes MILES datasets for secondary analyses and publication purposes. Click here for a list of concepts measured and questionnaires used in the three Australian Diabetes MILES datasets.

Contact us to discuss how you could use the expansive Diabetes MILES datasets to answer your important research question.

Conduct a new Diabetes MILES Study

Diabetes MILES Studies have been conducted in Australia, The Netherlands, and Flanders. We invite expressions of interest from researchers interested in conducting a ‘Diabetes MILES Study’ national survey in new populations (e.g. other countries, diabetes types or age groups).

To be branded a ‘Diabetes MILES Study’ approval must be sought from the co-owners of the international collaborative, and your study must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • A national survey: A representative national sample of people living with or affected by diabetes must be surveyed.
  • Large sample size: Adequate resources and recruitment methods must be implemented in order to return a large sample.
  • Inclusion of agreed core measures: To be considered a Diabetes MILES survey, all core measures must be included in the survey. Each initiative can add further measures that address topics of particular relevance to that country or sub-group, or that are consistent with the expertise and research interests of the team conducting the study.
  • Cognitive debriefing: The survey should be piloted using cognitive debriefing interviews with participants that represent the intended sample of the survey.
  • Ethical review: The study must receive ethical clearance from the human research ethics committee of the institution of the researchers in the country in which the study is being undertaken.
  • Resources: The researchers must ensure they have the necessary resources to undertake such a large-scale survey.

Contact us to discuss conducting a Diabetes MILES Study in your country.